Complete sailing holiday guide Seychelles for your vacation!

In this hectic life, it is very hard to find time for vacation. Even you finally manage to get it, having a proper idea of the guide is very important. This is why; you must have a perfect sailing holiday guide Seychelles! Be it with friends, family or your partner; this sailing holiday destination is perfect!

Why go for a Seychelles sailing yacht?

Were you considering road route and hotel stay? Think about the hassle of traffic, timing, lack of privacy and of course, the four wall enclosure!

On the other hand, your yacht will take you amidst the ocean and enjoy the archipelago of 115 islands. Though most of them are inhabited, you can still cherish the beauty of those with Seychelles sailing yacht.

What makes sailing holiday guide Seychelles so special?

When you travel in a breezy speed and trigger all your senses with scenic beauty both on the shore and in water; you will certainly understand the worth of sailing guide. It will take to both the inner and outer islands.

The outer islands (mostly 5 of them) have mesmerizing coral reefs that you must explore.

If there is a problem traveling in the yacht, they have boat facility will take you there.

Then the inner islands which have granite beaches adding more to the scenic beauty.

In the guide, they will suggest about all the thrilling activities to have extreme fun!

Which is the best Seychelles sailing yacht to book?

Presently, catamarans are the best choices as those are safe, convenient, have a crew and can sail with a steady speed.

While you are booking a Seychelles catamaran, there are few things you must keep in mind:

  • Always book a yacht with crew

  • Make sure you talk about safety insurance first

  • Check the package inclusive

  • Know in details what are the amenities

  • Get an idea about the do’s and don’ts on yacht

Some of the best Seychelles Catamaran

Nautitech 40

  • Cabin: 4

  • Berth: 7

  • Price: €3000 to €4200 per week and can vary as per the season

  • This is best for 6 to 7 people.

Nautitech 47

  • Cabin: 6

  • Berth: 12

  • Price: €3900 to €7850 per week and can vary as per season

  • This is bet for a larger group or if you are booking with some other group.

LAGOON 39 (2015)

  • Cabin: 6

  • Berth: 10

  • Price: On request

  • If you are couples and want a spare cabin, here you have the facility.

Apart from catamarans, you can also try bareboat and sail boat which is good for the travel too. Now, you must know which the island that you have to go is. In the following section, get an idea about that.

Sailing holiday guide Seychelles: Islands to visit

Inner islands:

The first of the inner islands is Mahe which is the largest among all and covers almost 65 beaches in total. This is a total romantic gateway for couples with amazing coves like Baie Ternay, Anse Du Riz, Anse Royale, Beau Vallon, etc.

Then, sail to Cousin- Cousine- Praslin – La Digue. This will be your route to the Inner Islands visit in Seychelles sailing yacht. Here you will also visit Anse Source d’Argent, which is a silver sand beach and a photographer’s love.

Outer islands:

The next place in your sailing holiday guide Seychelles is the Outer Islands, where corals rule. You must get hold of the snorkeling equipment from yacht and go for an underwater swim. From Inner Islands, Amirantes is the closest of outer love.

Right after that, it will be Marie-Louise – Desnoeufs – Poivre – Alphonse. The few things that will take away your breath is the lagoon in Desnoeufs, twin lagoons in Poivre and sea turtles in Alphonse. You can try your hand at fishing when at Alphonse. Take back the fresh catches and let your yacht chef cook something delicious with African chutney.

This is the perfect sailing holiday guide Seychelles for you. The perfect time to visit here is during April – May, and October – November. If you are through with the plan, then it is time to set sail soon! Along with this, book your yacht during these peak seasons before time.

Just one more suggestion – don’t forget your sunscreen! Happy vacation!



The Seychelles' 115 granite and coral islands extend from between 4 and 10 degrees south of the equator and lie between 480km and1,600km from the east coast of Africa in the western Indian Ocean.anse-dire-west-coast
This Indian Ocean republic occupies a land area of 455 km² and an Exclusive Economic Zone of 1.4 million km². It represents an archipelago of timeless beauty, tranquillity and harmony that is famous for its world-beating beaches and for its great diversity which rolls from lush forests down to the warm azure ocean.
Of these 115 islands, 41 The Inner Islands constitute the oldest mid-oceanic granite islands on earth while a further 74 form the 5 groups of low-lying coral atolls and reef islets that are the Outer Islands.editorial-geography
Seychelles is home to no less than two UNESCO World Heritage Sites: the legendary Vallée de Mai on Praslin where the wondrously shaped Coco-de-mer nut grows high on ancient palms and the fabled Aldabra, the world’s largest raised coral atoll, first seen by early Arab seafarers of the  th century A.D.
Seychelles, one of the world’s very last frontiers, promises adventure and breathtaking natural beauty in pristine surrounds still untouched by man.
Seychelles' 115 islands fall under two distinct groups. The tall granite, Inner Islands cluster mainly within the relatively shallow Seychelles' plateau, 4° south of the equator and roughly 1800 km. distant from the east coast of Africa while the low-lying coralline cays, atolls and reef islands of the Outer Islands lie mainly beyond the plateau up to 10° south of the equator.

These Outer Islands are divided into five groups: the Amirantes group lying 230km distant from Mahé, the Southern Coral Group, Alphonse Group, Farquhar Group and finally the Aldabra Group, some 1150km from Mahé.

There are 43 Inner Islands in all -- 41 granitic and 2 coralline and a total of 72 coralline Outer Islands.

Inner Islands
The Inner Islands which are mostly granitic, cluster mainly around the principal islands of Mahé, Praslin and La Digue, forming the cultural and economic hub of Seychelles, as well as the centre of its tourism industry. Together they are home to the majority of Seychelles’ accommodation facilities as well almost the entire population of the archipelago. There are 43 Inner islands in total, 41 granitic and 2 coralline.

Outer Islands
The Outer Islands are those situated beyond the Seychelles plateau. They comprise 72 low-lying sand cays and atolls lying anywhere between 230km and 1150km from Mahé. Less visited than their granitic cousins due to their relative remoteness, these pristine miniature worlds, some little more than sand spits or lonely rocky outcrops, offer untouched habitats for many species of wildlife.

Only one island among the Outer Island groups, namely Alphonse, currently offers  accommodation facilities. It boasts luxuriously appointed lodges as well as unparalleled opportunities for sailing, fishing and diving in places where few have gone before.

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