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There are, basically, three main types of yacht charter: bareboat, skippered and crewed. Bareboat charter means a person or a group simply rents a yacht and skippers it. You can only rent a bareboat charter if you have a licensed skipper in your group.



There are, basically, three main types of yacht charter: bareboat, skippered and crewed. Bareboat charter means a person or a group simply rents a yacht and skippers it. You can only rent a bareboat charter if you have a licensed skipper in your group.


Apart from choosing your dream destination, suitable yacht for charter and perfect time to go sailing, you also need to decide whether you want to hire a skipper and/or crew. 

Chartering a skippered yacht with a professional skipper gives you the advantage of choice. You can choose to let the skipper do the sailing and sit back and relax or take an active part and improve your sailing skills. Remember, the skipper's main duty is to keep you safe and help you have the best holiday possible. 

Our skippers all have a lot of experience and knowledge of the sailing areas and will make sure you have that prefect holiday - tailored to your needs. 

A short time before you begin your skippered yacht charter, you will receive contact details from your skipper so you can start planning your dream sailing holiday! 

Advantages and requirements of a skippered, crewed or bareboat yacht charter are fully explained below. 

When chartering an un-skippered and crewless yacht, you will have to make sure you have all the other mandatory documents, permits and licences proving you are skilled to sail a yacht. Documents that you will need to provide vary depending on your destination of choice. Also, before your bareboat charter, you will have to pay a security deposit for any possible damage to the yacht that is not covered by the yachts insurance. 
Skippered charter refers to cases when you hire a skipper alongside renting a boat.
However, in this case you sail with the skipper only, not any additional crew. A skippered yacht charter is the right choice for you if you do not have the required documents to sail the yacht yourself. What you get when you hire a skipper is a person who not only steers the sailing boat, but also knows the area and can give you advice on where to eat, what to buy and see as well as reveal those perfect hidden coves you would probably miss otherwise. Not having to worry about steering the sailing boat gives you a chance to relax.
Ultimately, your skipper is also there to keep you safe! In addition to the above, the skipper will also have full liability for the boat and you, the customer, do not have to have proven sailing experience.
Our skippers will be happy to show you some sailing basics if you are interested. Skippered sailing holidays are typically more about the 'holiday' than the 'sailing', with average sailing legs around three hours. When you're not sailing, you're swimming, eating local cuisine, sunbathing, snorkelling, hiring scooters, relaxing in a hammock, jumping into the sea, going out for dinner, having a sunset drink, fishing, heading to a nightclub, playing cards, eating breakfast. 
Crewed charter means that you hire a crew to both sail the yacht and prepare meals. This is the type of a sailing holiday that is the most relaxing and where you can simply let go and let the crew do all the work.
Sailing with our professional staff on board gives an extra flavour to your holiday! Our experienced skippers and hostesses must pass our sailing school before they are hired. If you hire our skipper for your sailing holiday, you will have the advantage of seeing all the finest bays and the best harbours. Sailing with the crew gives you even more choice - you and your friends can actively participate in the sailing or just relax and enjoy.
On a crewed charter, our hostesses ensure that all food is purchased, prepare breakfast and lunch, serve snacks and make sure the boat is in good condition. They can also occasionally babysit so that parents may have a children-free dinner!  



Charter a yacht bareboat for total freedom.
Set sail on your own voyage of discovery . . .
"Bareboat yacht charter" means you charter a fully equipped yacht without a professional skipper and crew. If you have sailing experience you can board your sailing yacht in any of our glorious holiday destinations and sail away! The yacht is yours for the holiday to explore the sailing area at your own pace.  Enjoy the unique experience of holidaying aboard your own yacht - it's the ultimate multi-centre holiday without the packing and unpacking!

Do what you want when you want . . .
Being the skipper of your own sailing yacht gives you total flexibility every day. You'll enjoy a privacy and freedom that’s hard to find in a hotel. Set sail for a different destination every day - without the clouds and crowds of the Solent! There's always another bay, another harbour, another island to explore. And when you arrive, step ashore for dinner in a waterfront taverna. You'll be supporting the local community and you'll feel like a traveller, not a tourist.

It's excellent value and so convenient . . .
Your yacht provides self-contained accommodation with plenty of cabins for everyone. Every night you'll enjoy being in the best harbourside location or in your own secluded anchorage - a different place to discover every day. All the yachts have a fridge and cooker onboard and self-catering for breakfast, lunch and drinks helps keep the costs down. At night, party animals can hit the local bars or you can chill out with dinner in a taverna on the water's edge.

Where in the world can I charter a yacht?
We offer sailing yachts for bareboat charter through the Mediterranean and Caribbean. We also offer sailing yachts in more unusual destinations in the Atlantic and Baltic and in more exotic Tropical destinations. Choose the sailing area to suit your experience - there’s plenty for all levels of sailors. You may want to return to a favourite cruising area or discover somewhere new on your yacht charter holiday.


Here’s how it works:

Rent a cabin with your own private bathroom, just as you can on a cruise ship. Instead of a thousand new acquaintances, you’ll just have a few new friends. Our professional crew manages the sailing, and a cook prepares your meals from fresh local products. On occasion, our crews even catch fresh Tuna or Mahi-Mahi right from the catamaran!

You’ll leave all the frustrating aspects of life behind and adopt a more laid-back pace: one that allows you to you follow the rhythms of the sea and tropical trade winds. The catamaran’s shallow draft allows for entrance to private anchorages and special snorkeling spots that large cruise ships can only dream of sharing with their passengers.

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