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If a sailing passage is the appetizer, then the arrival is certainly the feast: and nowhere more so than in Greece!

The variety of sailing destinations in this area, be they harbours or bays, is enormous. To the East, there are the Cyclades, with their white cuboid choras and villages. To the West, the mountainous Peloponnese rears up from the sea: this is the home of the great Greek civilisations; Mycenaean, Spartan, Hellenic, Byzantine and Venetian. And in between these two areas lie the Argo-Saronic Islands, with the pistachio orchards of Aegina, the old pirate port of Hydra and the traditional caique boatyards of Spetsai.

It is a vast and interesting cruising area which could take many years to explore completely. We at Greek Sails can make sure that you do not miss anything worthwhile, so please don’t hesitate to ask for help and advice with your holiday passage planning.

The Greek Sails sailing area

Map showing the principal Greek sailing areas surrounding Greek Sails’ yacht base in Poros.
Click the  to close the bubble identifying Greek Sails’ yacht base in Poros.
 indicates areas within one & two weeks sailing from Greek Sails’ yacht base in Poros.
 indicates areas further afield from Greek Sails’ yacht base in Poros.
Arrows indicate approximate direction and strength of summer winds across the different sailing areas; generally further east the winds strengthen whereas in the Ionian you can be left motoring.
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The winds & sailing

The sailing area surrounding the Greek Sails yacht base in Poros includes the Saronic Gulf which lies north of Poros and south of Athens, the Argolic Gulf which lies to the west of Poros past the idyllic island of Hydra and along the eastern Peloponnese coast and the Cyclades islands which lie to the east of Poros in the southern Aegean Sea.

The Saronic Gulf sailing areas

The Saronic Gulf sailing area is well protected from the predominant north/north westerly ‘Meltemi’ wind by the Attic (Athenian) coast. This makes the area ideal for family sailing where you can enjoy a good breeze while being protected from the effects of any stronger winds.

The Argolic Gulf sailing areas

Like the Saronic Gulf, the Argolic Gulf sailing area is also well protected from the predominant north/north westerly ‘Meltemi’ wind due to the protection from the Peloponnese. This make the area ideal for family sailing where you can enjoy a good breeze while being protected from the effects of any stronger winds. The Argolic Gulf is also a quiet sailing area, away from the Athens-based flotilla fleets.

The eastern Peloponnese sailing area

Our eastern Peloponnese sailing area includes the Argolic Gulf to the north and extends down the eastern shore of the Peloponnese to Cape Malea in the far south. The further south you run down the coast, the more you come out of the shelter of the Argolic Gulf and Hydra. As you sail south you are also getting further from our base in Póros and so the area can suit more experienced crews.

The Argolic Gulf and eastern Peloponnese sailing areas benefit from very few charter fleets. You can sail here and see few other yachts in the day.

The Cyclades islands sailing area

The Cyclades islands to our east are not protected by any mainland and their position out in the Aegean Sea means they are exposed to the ‘Meltemi’ wind. This can provide ‘entertaining’ sailing if the wind blows. Consequently the more exposed position of the Cyclades makes them better suited to experienced crews.

The Dodecanese, northern & eastern Sporades and Ionian islands

Outside our immediate sailing areas, the Dodecanese to the far east and the northern and eastern Sporades to our north east, have a reputation for strong winds, particularly down the Turkish coast where these is little protection from the northerly ‘Meltemi’. Consequently, in our view, these areas are best suited to more experienced crews who will enjoy the stiffer winds.

To the north west of us, the Ionian islands have a reputation for very light winds, often leaving you to motor much of your ‘sailing’ holiday, whereas around Póros you can choose between the shelter of the Argolic or Saronic Gulfs or the more demanding Cyclades islands or south eastern Peloponnese sailing areas. Everything you could want; and all in one place!

You can get more details of our wonderful sailing area, places of interest you can visit during your sailing holiday and our flotilla routes under the ‘Sailing area’ section of this site, or click on the areas of the map.

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