Bespoke corporate and private yacht trips

Sun Yacht Charter welcomes you to the world of group yacht charter.

Company group yacht charter trips, motivational and team-building trips, trips as competition rewards, only to tried and tested places, in all 7 continents!

We guarantee the best fitted programme and direction of every yacht trip. Your individual expectations are of our highest priority. We also offer multi-conferences on a board our yachts.

We recommend: Incentive Travel

Travel incentives are a reward subset of an incentive program, recognition program or a loyalty program, which is a business tool designed to change consumer behaviour to improve profit, cash flow, employee engagement and customer engagement. It has been described as business travel that is designed to motivate or trigger action, as a reward for these actions from employees or business partners. This fosters loyalty and encourages the best talent for an organisation.

When an organisation properly designs an incentive program, which includes looking at all departments which will be affected, rather than just the impact to the department that is sponsoring the incentive, the return on investment can be proven.

Better motivated and more strongly integrated staff of your company.

For your clients we also offer individually arranged yacht trips to some nice, unknown corners of the world which will stay in their memories for a long time and the emotions experienced there will permanently be associated with your brand. Such a yacht trip will not only leave amazing memories but also motivate them to cooperate with you and will strengthen business ties.

For your employees: a yacht trip of a lifetime and a job of their dreams!

An exotic company yacht trip will not only strongly integrate the team but will also ensure that the everyday job they do will become their dream job!

Stronger bonds and greater motivation of your employees will lead to greater results of your company.

Companies hold the group yacht trips organised by our experts in very high regard.

Build a greater motivation of your team. Enquire about our bespoke offers.

• Do you want to motivate your team?

• Do you want to show appreciation for your employees?

• Do you want to build better relationships with your business partners?

• Do you want to organise training in an unusual scenery?

Organise with us a group yacht trip that is perfect for your company! The most important benefits of group booking:

• Free changes

• Individual approach

• Reservation of conference rooms

• Hotels suited for group needs

• Special discounts

We only offer yacht trips to the places that we had been to and which we recommend. Plenty of our customers appreciate our services.

For competition organisers: a yacht trip is a perfect reward. A yacht trip around the world? Weekend on a no man’s island? Week in Barcelona? An interesting yacht trip as a reward in a sales competition tempts and motivates to participate and display greater effort.

We will organise, advise and recommend the destination and the programme. You can choose from a wide range of offers from our catalogue and from bespoke group yacht trip offers, to any place in the world.

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